Publishing Terms

The following glossaries cover traditional publishing and e-publishing, as well as related fields such as printing. Just click on the glossary name to go to the webpage.

Absolute Write
“Cathy C’s Glossary of Publishing Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms”

African American Literature Book Club
“Publishing Glossary”

Agent Research & Evaluation

American Association of Law Libraries
“Beginning Glossary of Publishing Terms”

American Association of University Publishers
“Glossary of Publishing Terms”

Author House
“Book Publishing Terms”

Barnes & Noble
“Glossary of Book Terms”
“Commonly Used Terms”

Fairway Press
“Publishing Terms”

Nathan Bransford, Author
“Book Publishing Glossary”

“Glossary of Publishing Terms”

Rainwater Press
“The Rainwater Press Publishing Primer”
“Tom’s Glossary of Book Publishing Terms”

Sabrina Jeffries
“Dictionary of Publishing Terms”
“Publishing 101: Key Publishing Terms Explained”

“Publishing Terms”

“Glossary of Some Printing & Publishing Terms & Abbreviations”