Editorial Help

A good way to find freelance editorial help is through one of the organizations to which independent publishing and communications professionals belong. In the following list, click on the group’s name to visit its website.

National Organizations

Editorial Freelancers Association
The primary organization for independent editorial and communications professionals in the United States. It offers two methods for finding a freelancer—a member directory, which can be searched by state, skill, and specialty; and a job list, where jobs can be posted.

Editors’ Association of Canada
The Canadian version of the Editorial Freelancers Association. It offers the same services—an online directory, which can be searched by media, subject, skill, and keyword; and a job board, where job notices can be posted.

Institute of Professional Editors
The Australian professional association for editors. It has Australia-wide lists of accredited and distinguished editors, plus links to seven local organizations with searchable directories.

New Zealand Association of Manuscript Assessors
The New Zealand professional association. Its members assess manuscripts rather than edit them. It has member lists searchable by location and genre.

Society for Editors and Proofreaders
The UK professional association. It offers a searchable directory.

Regional Organizations

Bay Area Editors’ Forum
Serves the San Francisco Bay Area.

Boulder Writers Alliance
Serves Colorado.

Northwest Independent Editors Guild
Serves Washington, Oregon, and Alaska.

Other Groups

Association of Independent Authors
An organization for independent authors with members on five continents. Its “Definitive Resource Guide for Authors” is a directory of providers of every type of service a self-publishing author might need.

A cyber organization to which many copyeditors from English-speaking countries belong. Primarily an online discussion list where independent copyeditors can get advice on how to handle problems in manuscripts, it also has a searchable directory of freelancers.

Freelancers Union
An organization for all types of freelancers, including those in journalism, writing, and editing. It has a directory that’s searchable but not as user friendly as those of the other groups in this list.

National Association of Independent Writers and Editors
A professional organization for writers and editors that focuses on career building. It has a searchable directory.

An online community for writers, editors, publishers, and literary agents. Its directories can be searched in several ways.